Frequently Asked Questions

How do I maintain my air conditioning unit and other appliances?
Original instruction manuals for all appliances installed by the builder are provided here
 Some helpful info about your apartment, including interior finishes specifications and air conditioning maintenance is available here . Note: your Fujitsu air conditioning unit should be serviced regularly (this is the owner's responsibility).

What maintenance should I carry out on my apartment?
Documents on various maintenance issues are in the Documents section of this site.

How do I dispose of my large boxes?
All large boxes should be cut up into manageable pieces and placed into the recycling bins at the garbage area on Level 1 (near the dock).

How do I contact the Building Manager?
[email protected] or 0408 644 165.The Building Manager does not keep spare apartment keys (these are private property), but can assist with your questions and issues such as noise.

Website and after hours number are  in the Contacts section.

Can I help with the gardening?

Contact the Strata Committee (who are volunteers) , the Gardens and Grounds sub-committee can guide you

What can I store in my car park?

You can only use the parking space for the parking of a car, trailer, motor cycle or bicycle, unless you erect an approved storage box. You may store most things in a storage box, except any inflammable chemical, liquid or gas, or any explosive, corrosive agent or compound or toxic substance or other inflammable material (you must take these to appropriate disposal points - search 'Planet Ark' online).

What curtains / blinds can I use?

Curtains and blinds be either white or off-white and match the architectural integrity and style of the buildings. You do not need approval for installation except in case of doubt, you may apply to the Owners Corporation for installation approval.

Can I install a dead lock on my front door?

The front door of your apartment is a fire exit door, and there is legislation dictating the types of locks that can be installed. If you wish to change the lock or install an additional lock, please check with the Building Manager to ensure that you comply with the regulatory standards, as a breach of a fire rating is a serious matter.

How do I connect to electricity and gas?

Contact your preferred supplier in the first instance and arrange connection
In the event your supplier has difficulty with access to read the meters, contact the Building Manager

How do I join the Strata Committee?
The members of the Strata Committee are elected by the lot owners at each Annual General Meeting. If you wish to stand, advise your name and lot number to the secretariat of the Annual General Meeting: [email protected] 

Can I have a no junk mail sign on my letter box?
Yes, contact the Building Manager who will put you in touch with the Community Group (or connect with them on the Facebook page) - a standard sticker will be applied for you.

How do I get extra keys cut?
Fill in the applicable form ( Documents page) and contact the Building Manager for assistance.

How many swipes / fobs am I entitled to?
For security reasons, the number of fobs is limited. For an additional fob, use the form on the Documents page (includes a Statuatory Declaration)  and apply to the Building Manager . Your application will be assessed against policy guidelines.

Can I upgrade my letterbox lock?

Yes, you may upgrade your letterbox with a more secure lock, contact the  Building Manager for more information.

How do I connect to NBN?
The Erko building benefits from high speed fibre broadband in each apartment. Contact your preferred Internet Service Provider for details.

Who do I contact if there is a plumbing problem?
Contact the  Building Manager who will assess if the problem relates to common property or an issue specific to your apartment. If common property, the Building Manager will arrange for a plumber to investigate the issue. If specific to your apartment, then the owner will need to arrange a plumber.

How do I contact the Strata Manager?
P: 8198 8500 Look in the Contacts section for details.

I wish to report something suspicious. Who do I contact?
Report all issues to the Police (8303 5199 or for thefts 131 444) and advise the  Building Manager  of the approximate time and location.

How do I book for visitor parking?
There is no booking, it is first come, first served. For a special request, contact the Building Manager .

There is a smell of drains in my laundry room, how do I fix it?
Pour water down the floor drain (located under the washing machine) and all sinks. Dry weather tends to encourage stale air to drift into apartments, so putting a plug in may also assist.