About Erko

Erko People
We’re a pretty friendly lot, very mixed in age, occupation and nationality, so there’s a good neighbourly atmosphere. Residents from the other buildings and townhouses nearby are similarly good natured. There’s a get-together in the garden courtyard every now and then, for a casual chat over drinks and food.

Erko Apartments Strata Plan
Our Strata includes 33 Bridge Street,70 Macdonald Street and 1 Pearl Street. 
There are 263 apartments in three eight storey buildings situated around a central garden courtyard. 

Lots of help is at hand for all residents – try the FAQ or Documents sections on this website,
or ask your question on  Facebook .
You can also swing by the get-togethers to ask a question or have a chat to other residents.

Just inside the garage entry on Bridge Street is the office for our Building Manager, Peter Kulchar –
P: 0408 644 165 or 9519 6263  (Mon-Fri. 8.00am-4.30pm) or [email protected]

There is a Strata Committee, which allocates groups to investigate and manage many aspects of Erko,
such as building matters and by-laws. Both owners and those renting are welcome to attend the Quarterly EC Meeting to observe and obtain information. Generally, only EC members speak at meetings, but if time permits, you may be able to ask questions or briefly speak.

Note that the Strata Committee are volunteers, bound by laws and rules – if there is disagreement regarding a decision, the majority opinion guides them. 

Positioned at the north-west corner of the Bridge Street building, is a handy café run by friendly and approachable owners.

* Roof gardens reduce the albedo effect and cool the building by shading the roof
* The majority of apartments are dual aspect with optimal design to take advantage of sun in winter and cool in summer
* Apartments have low water usage fittings – dual flush toilets, low flow taps and shower heads
* Time control devices are fitted to many common areas including car parking levels controlling lighting and mechanical systems
* A rainwater harvesting system primarily irrigates common area landscaping
* A central gas fired hot water system is located in the basement 
* Energy efficient lighting is used all common areas and an energy efficient air conditioning system is installed in your apartment
* The central garden courtyard provides residents with an open space in which to relax
* A pocket park allows ease of access to the train station and Erskineville village. 

‘Bloom’ Sculptures – pocket park between Bridge and Victoria Streets
Artist Ari Purhonen conceived the path as a gently running stream. Rocks and boulders along the edges of the pathway offer opportunities for you to rest. The forms blend the area’s history of bushland fauna and industrial metal fabrication, while the framework is reminiscent of industrial machine components, woven fish traps and wetland reeds.

Born in Finland in 1953, Ari Purhonen came to Australia in 1966, graduating in 1975 with a bachelor of Science (Architecture) degree from the University of NSW. Since 1980, Purhonen has exhibited widely in Australia, America, and New Zealand, receiving several awards/prizes and completing numerous public artworks. www.aripurhonen.com